New Jersey Central Line


New Jersey Healthcare Central Service Association


    • To assist its members to stay abreast of the latest trends in procedures, techniques and regulations affecting the profession
    • To encourage group participation for mutual help and improvement in professional endeavors
    • To participate in the formation of performance standards for our field of endeavor both on the State and National levels
    • To provide a means for professional and personal growth



    • Provide educational opportunities and accessible forums for the exchange of information that will enrich and enhance our members in the delivery of healthcare in the Central Service profession
    • Identify and develop new educational opportunities
    • Produce an annual conference that is responsive to the changing needs of central service and related professions
    • Provide access to other educational programs offered by other entities, i.e. AORN, APIC

Professional Development

    • Increase awareness and recognition of the CS profession
    • Offer programs for management level employees
    • Endorse certification for technicians, supervisors, managers, and directors
    • Recognize CS professionals for their accomplishments and contributions


    • Represent and advocate healthcare perspectives, which influence legislative regulatory, policy-making and other related issues
    • Develop and promote industry standards that direct and influence national practices
    • Identify and influence standard setting and or regulatory issues


    • Provide for the exchange of knowledge and information that supports the educational, professional, and organizational developments and advocacy goals
    • Communicate and promote NJHCSA activities to external audiences utilizing vehicles such as but not limited to, flyers, bulletins, newsletters, the website and links to other organizations websites.
    • Enhance communications with other chapters

Organizational Development

    • Maximize the benefits of the value of NJHCSA membership
    • Self  promote
    • Obtain member feedback
    • Strengthen and enhance the relationship between the members of the NJHCSA and the Board
    • Develop relationship with the two certification organizations, CBSPD and  IAHCSMM
    • Develop membership retention and recruitment plan
    • Develop relationships with the Ambulatory care segment and other related organizations
  •         Identify and develop future leaders for the organization